Build Stronger Relationships
by Mastering Your Grapevine

The Laws of the Grapevine will transform your ability to build and sustain stronger relationships in your personal and professional life.

Master Your Grapevine


People who Master their Grapevine are
happier, healthier, and more successful

Your communication habits are the single most important factor in your ability to build strong relationships that can weather the storms of life. Social media has accelerated the speed at which messages can be shared, but it can also undermine your relationships if you don't understand the vital importance of Sequence, Frequence, and Flow.

In your home and in your work, building stronger relationships is the pathway to less stress and more joy.
Master Your Grapevine by learning the communication habits you need to be most successful.

Master Your Grapevine


Through his work as an educator and entrepreneur, Scott E. Barron discovered the Laws of the Grapevine to explain how some people are just more successful when it comes to building a stronger network of influence. He studied research from experts at M.I.T., Harvard, Google, and others to refine these truths into a resource of communication habits that anyone can learn. Since first sharing this training in 2010, he has helped individuals, executive teams, corporate and non-profit boards, school leaders, ministry groups, and others achieve greater success by Mastering the Grapevine.

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Laws of the Grapevine Reviews

What People Say About Mastering their Grapevine

“I use the Laws of the Grapevine daily in my work, and I teach it to the people on my team. These communication habits truly will help you build better relationships and increase engagement.“

Frank Aloise
Chief Financial Officer, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

Frank Aloise.png

“Learning the Laws of the Grapevine was a turning point. It's such a clear, practical communication strategy to build trust with your people. Leadership is all about relationships & this really works!“

Matt Knapp
Chief Executive Officer, Smartcare Software Solutions


“I've used the Laws of the Grapevine to engage my team as we have frown from a few dozen to hundreds of employees. This helped us build a high degree of trust in our very entrepreneurial company.“

Chris Carneal
Chief Executive Officer, Boosterthon Enterprises


Laws of the Grapevine Resources

You have some great options to learn how to Master Your Grapevine. We've created a video series, ebooks, and tools to help you rapidly develop the habits and plans to be more successful at communicating with your tribe, family, team, organization, etc. You can immediately start building relationships with higher levels of trust and engagement. That's a beautiful thing!

Master Your Grapevine